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Photoshop® Workshops

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Learn to Use Photoshop.

Finally, a series of Photoshop workshops for the rest of us!

We teach you how to create fantastic images for digital prints, web graphics, professional presentations or even scrap booking. Whether you are a nature photographer, love taking pictures of your children and grandchildren, or just want to better understand how Photoshop can work for you, then you need to attend this class.

Of course, we’ll be using Adobe® Photoshop® CS3, CS4, CS5 and/or Elements – the industry standards for digital image optimization.

There are three workshops offered: Level I, Level II and Level III.

Photoshop Level I
This course is for people with limited Photoshop experience. Perfect candidates are those who have dabbled with Photoshop and/or digital photography and would like to better understand the powerful image editing capabilities of Photoshop.

We start our day right off at 8am with a digital presentation that provides an excellent orientation to Photoshop. Then, as the day progresses, we go through specific Photoshop operations such as formatting images for printing, creating panoramas, adjusting brightness/contrast and formatting images for internet usage. We also spend a good amount of time going through digital workflow tutorials using Photoshop's amazing file browser and automation tools.

You will learn:
- Digital workflow
- Basic use of digital filters
- Panoramas
- Histograms, curves, levels
- Basic sharpening
- Brightness/contrast
- Formatting for print
- Formatting for web
- Calibrating your monitor
- Creating artistic borders
- Black and white conversions
- Sepia conversions

Photoshop Level II
This course is for Photoshop users who have already learned Photoshop basics and are ready to study advanced topics in-depth. Like our Level I workshop, this course is a full day and involves a digital presentation along with a number of detailed proects that we work through as a group.

We will cover more advanced subjects with respect to layers, curves, color balance, histograms, cloning and creative usage of filters. Additionally, we'll cover many of the graphic design possibilities that make Photoshop such a great tool for web graphics and other artistic uses.

You will learn:
- Advanced curves
- Advanced levels
- Advanced sharpening methods
- Color balance
- Advanced histograms
- Layers
- Masking
- Cloning
- Graphic design for web
- Advanced use of filters

Photoshop Level III
Our level III workshop goes in depth to cover many higher end topics needed by digital photographers. For example, we'll cover the steps required for black and white conversions, automating Photoshop and methods needed for generating beautiful prints from the lab or your printer.

You will learn:
- Master printing techniques
- Different setups for printing at home or the lab
- Speeding up workflow
- High-end black and white conversions
- How to automate Photoshop
- Using layers and layer comps
- Retouching methods for portraits
- More color correction
- How to set up your color space properly
- Much more

All sessions run 8am - 5pm with a one hour lunch.

6/24/11    Photoshop Level I - Seattle, WA
6/25/11    Photoshop Level II - Seattle, WA

Comfort Inn & Suites Seatac
19333 International Blvd
Seatac, WA 98188

$224 per session.

Sign Up
Send an email to sign up. We'll contact you with more information right away.

What to Bring
- Your own laptop or computer preloaded with Photoshop
- Five digital photos that you want to work with in Photoshop
- Sack lunch or money for food
- Enthusiasm and a burning desire to learn!

What is Provided
- Free Instructional Materials
- Coffee and snacks

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