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The Art of Travel Photography

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Turn Your Next Vacation Into an Art Adventure

Join us in Washington State's North Cascades
Mazama, Washington - October 13 - 16, 2011

Taking artistic images when you are travelling is a mixture of preparation, skill and technique - and sometimes luck. The purpose of this workshop is to explain some of the methods and techniques that travel photographers use to consistently come home with winning pictures. This four-day learning event will challenge you and inspire you to excel with your photography.

A large part of travel photography is being in the right place at the right time with your camera ready to go. You've heard the old axiom "F8 and be there?" We'll take that even further by learning how to knowledgeably and consistently maximize your equipment, circumstances and environment.

This course will teach methods around how to properly research and prepare before you leave on your trip so that you can concentrate on taking great pictures while you are there.

Thursday morning we kick off our workshop with a multi-media instructional classroom session that lasts from 8am to noon. Here, we'll cover composition, methods, filter use, digital camera settings, film selection, tripods and exposure theory. We’ll show you how to use the “golden hour” to your advantage. You’ll learn about how polarizers can enhance your travel photos or ruin them. Additionally, we'll review numerous travel photo examples from your instructor, Mike Hagen, to see what works and what doesn't.

Thursday afternoon and evening, we head into the field to try our hand at making travel photographs in the beautiful North Cascades!

Friday morning we get up early to shoot some sunrise photographs. Mike Hagen will be photographing along side of you, covering technique, composition and advanced professional topics.

Friday afternoon we head back to the conference room to review photos. Mike will also present on digital workflow, Photoshop, and other computer topics. We also start learning some more advanced skills and higher level philosophy and techniques. It is at this session where we review key concepts, critique the previous day's images, and reinforce our learning.

Saturday morning we start in the classroom later in the morning with more multi-media presentations and then head into the field for more outdoor photography.

Saturday afternoon and evening, we stay out into the field to keep shooting and work through any special situations that weren't covered in class or on the previous day's shoot.

Sunday is a short day to allow people to get back home. We start the morning with field photography at sunrise and then wrap things up back at our conference center.

Remember that we will cover basic and advanced techniques around composition, design, exposure theory and metering. Each participant is given a packet of information to help guide them through the learning process. The workshop is specifically designed so that each participant is actively involved in learning and problem solving.

You Will Learn
- Exposure theory
- Artistic composition
- Manual control
- Travel photo tips
- Professional methods
- When not to use filters
- Golden hour lighting
- Depth of field control
- Fill-flash usage
- Much, much more

This is a thorough course. We work hard to maximize learning by giving you ample time to learn and shoot pictures. We guarantee that you will go home tired, but fulfilled. Expect to be fully challenged!

Workshop Tuition is $625.

10/13 - 10/16, 2011

Workshop begins on Thursday at 8:00am and ends Sunday at 12:00pm.

Lodging Fee:
Single $345
Double $285 per person

Lodging Fee Includes: 3 nights’ lodging
3 meals per day (starting with Thurs lunch)

Note: We can also arrange a cabin if you want to bring family members or if you want a kitchen.

Location: Mazama Country Inn

Thursday: 8am-dusk. Multi-media instruction and field photography.
Friday: Dawn - 4pm. Morning field photography. Classroom instruction.
Saturday: 8am-dusk. Image critique, more instruction, field photography.
Sunday: Dawn - 12pm. Morning field photography. Wrap-up in conference room

October 13 - 16, 2011   North Cascades - Mazama, Washington

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